At Annivia Dog Wear, we've designed and sourced all of the materials for our products with durability in mind. That said, there may be rare instances in which hardware needs to be replaced or a repair may be needed. As such, we're proud to offer a warranty on all of our handmade products.

Our warranty covers any issues with hardware and and issues that arise from the assembly process. Examples of what would be covered include:

  • Snap hooh, carabiners breaks or stops working
  • Buckle breaks or stops working
  • Srews, d-rings, or o-rings break

Our warranty is not intended to cover damage caused by your pet, misuse, or everyday wear and tear. Examples of what would not be covered include: 

  • Damage caused by chewing, clawing, scratching, biting, etc
  • Natural colour changes due to the aging of material or exposure to sun, water, natural oils released from your dog's fur, or other elements
  • Change in texture of leather 
  • Oxidization of brass hardware, and any tarnish marks this may leave against the biothane
  • Wearing-off color on hardware and black finish on quick release buckles

Should you need to contact us about a warranty issue please email us at info@annivia.eu with a description and photo or video of the issue. 

Please note that all shipping costs for repairs to and from our work palace be born by the buyer.