About us

My name is Agita, and I'm the proud founder of Annivia Dog Wear, a small, family-run business based in Europa, Latvia. Our journey began when we couldn't find the perfect accessories for our beloved border collie girls, so we decided to create our own. This venture led us into the vibrant world of materials and designs, allowing us to craft the best accessories for your dogs.

At Annivia Dog Wear, we are committed to providing products that are stylish, durable, and comfortable. Each item is carefully designed to ensure your dog looks great and feels even better, no matter where your adventures take you.

So, whether you're exploring new trails or simply enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood, bring Annivia Dog Wear along. Our accessories are made to enhance every moment with your furry friend, offering you peace of mind and plenty of style. Let's embark on the next grand adventure together, with four paws and a wagging tail leading the way!