Annivia Dog Wear accessories are made of Paracord, Biothane and Coated webbing.

Parachute cord (Paracord) is a lightweight nylon kern-mantled rope orginaly used in the military. The braided sheath is made of 32 interwoven strands giving it a smooth texture.

Paracord diameter is about 4 mm, rope have 7 inner stands and minimum breaking strenght is 249 kg.

Waterproof Coated Webbing, waterproof Hexa Coated Webbing and Biothane is textile webbing coated with syntethic material PVC or PTU and it is much more durable, cleanable, stronger and esier to maintain than common polypropylene webbing.

Biothane is softer and more flexible with a noticeable difference in quality, minimum breaking strengthe is up to 454 kg.

Waterproof Coated webbing is cheaper than Biotnane but also good material with minimum breaking strengthe up to 250 kg. 

Hexa Coated Webbing is very soft a d pleasurant in hand and with honeycomb (hexagonal) patterned on bouth sides. We use just 20mm wide Hexa and its minimum breacking strengthe is up to 210 kg. 

It alternative to natural leather, wich is abrasion-resistant, 100% water and bacteria-resistant, and does not stretch. 

Our materials are like most things not resistant to being chewed by dog’s teeth. Unfortunately we can’t be held responsible for any damage to our products that has been caused by your dog.

We always make sure that the materials used are of the best quality, purchased from authorized manufacturers and distributors, so that the final result is safe and durable, so that you can enjoy every ride without worry.

Bonus? They are extremely easy to maintain!