Safe lock Carabiners & Super Grip leashes

Safe lock Carabiners & Super Grip leashes

Discover New Carabiners and Super Grip Material for the Ultimate Pet Safety.

Universal lightweight carabiner with a safe lock that prevents accidental opening. Manufactured from Aluminum, capable of withstanding a load of over 400 kilograms.

Strong and flexible 20 mm wide woven webbing provides excellent grip thanks to the ridges in the cover. Significantly superior in strength to conventional woven polypropylene webbing.

Wear resistant, 100% bacteria resistant, 100% waterproof, no stretch.

The Biothane Safe Lock and Super Grip Dog Leashes are perfect for your daily walk. Constructed with high-quality biothane material, it is strong and durable to keep your dog safe. With its easy-to-use locking feature, you can take your dog out for a walk with peace of mind.

Available in a variety of colors, take your pick and start enjoying your walks.

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